Brand Performance Like Nothing Else


Brand Performance both on and off the road!

The Ultimate Smoker & Grill has been designed for brand performance like nothing else. Shortly after setup, it becomes the center of attention, enticing your target audience with the mouth-watering aroma of mesquite-smoked perfection. In our unique smoker chamber, we can slow smoke more than 2,000 pounds of meat. Hidden beneath the 20′ hydraulic lid is a wood-fired 48″ x 120″ grill with the capacity to cook 1,000 hotdogs, 500 hamburgers, or 200 16 oz. steaks at one time. Your brand message comes to life on our giant LCD Screen and on-board Plasma Screen TVs, complete with Direct TV Satellite, DJ Entertainment and Sound System designed to keep visitors entertained and informed.

We’ve maximized your sponsorship opportunities to impact thousands of people at each and every stop, and while in transit. Best of all, your brand is delivered to places you may have never been before, and in a way your consumer will never forget.

A Mobile Media Marvel

Branding is all about authenticity. In today’s media savvy marketplace, it doesn’t happen with smoke and mirrors, but a larger-than-life mesquite-fired smoker has an amazing effect on people. High-level branding happens when you’re face to face with your customer, and the Ultimate Smoker & Grill is your ideal brand-building interface. When we pull up, we capture the curiosity of everyone around, young and old, and all they can do is point, marvel, and walk away with satisfied smiles. Think of us like a Goodyear Blimp, but parked firmly on the ground. No matter where we are, the Ultimate Smoker & Grill becomes the one place where consumers come to touch, taste, smell and experience your brand up close and personal.

Reach Out in a Whole New Way

The Ultimate Smoker & Grill is truly the best, new brand-building opportunity to hit the streets in decades. The difference is the simple fact that your customers can put their hands on your brand in a truly unforgettable way. They’ll take pictures, ask questions, and tell their friends and family that they just experienced something amazing. If you’re ready to put your brand into the hearts and hands of your target audience, then fire it up with the Ultimate Smoker & Grill.

With 75 Feet of Solid, Brand-Building Power, get ready to roll into new markets in a truly, unforgettable way.