Trace Arnold Justin Texas is The Rib Whisperer
Trace Arnold Justin Texas is The Rib Whisperer

About Us

The Ultimate Smoker & Grill has been designed for brand performance like nothing else. Shortly after setup, it becomes the center of attention, enticing your target audience with the mouth-watering aroma of mesquite-smoked perfection. In our unique smoker chamber, we can slow smoke more than 2,000 pounds of meat. Hidden beneath the 20′ hydraulic lid is a wood-fired 48″ X 120″ grill with the capacity to cook 1,000 hot dogs, 500 hamburgers, or 200 16 oz. steaks at one time. Your brand message come to life on our giant LCD Screen TV, complete with Direct TV Satellite, DJ Entertainment and Sound System designed to keep visitors entertained and informed.

Trace Arnold of Justin, Texas has created a unique and exciting mobile marketing vessel that simply attracts attention and a crowd wherever he goes. This rolling billboard is simply one of the best buzz makers around!

The Ultimate Smoker and Grill - 2,000 pounds of meat

2,000 pounds of meat

1,000 hot dogs
500 hamburgers
200 16 oz. steaks
giant LCD TV
a mobile media marvel