Trace Arnold Justin Texas is The Rib Whisperer
Trace Arnold of Justin is the Rib Whisperer
Trace Arnold of Justin is the Rib Whisperer

Event & Meeting Offerings

You don’t have to be a big brand to have the Ultimate Smoker & Grill roll up to your event — you just need a huge appetite for crowd-pleasing, mesquite-grilled goodness. This show-stopping marvel is also available for private parties, corporate barbecues, or whatever we can dream up together. Just make sure you dream big because the Ultimate Smoker & Grill is 8o feet of mouth-watering, crowd-pleasing mesquite grilled perfection.

Events, Meetings & More

When you think about catering and event, what normally comes to mind is calling up a local restaurant or caterer that will prepare the food in their location and deliver it to your event. Often, your food is delivered not quite so hot or fresh. The Ultimate Smoker & Grill solves this dilemma and more by being a rolling catering wonder! The Ultimate Smoker & Grill can set up anywhere, even in remote locations with NO POWER or WATER – hey, we bring our own! And, all of your food will be prepared fresh and at once.

Feed a Large Crowd

The Ultimate Smoker & Grill delivers hot & fresh to thousands:

  • 2,000 pounds of meat
  • 1,000 hot dogs
  • 500 hamburgers
  • 200 16 oz. steaks
  • all the trimmings to go with it

Anywhere, Anytime

The Ultimate Smoker and Grill has wowed the crowds at events such as:

  • Corporate Picnics
  • Tailgate Parties
  • Ground Breakings
  • Grand Openings
  • Festivals & Fairs
  • Parades
  • Concerts
  • Product Launches